How To Get The Job Even When You Are Vastly Under Qualified


When looking for prospective jobs, the list of requirements could easily discourage anyone against sending in their application. However, with a bit of creativity and a strong resolve to get the job, it is possible to secure your dream job. Leveraging one’s transferable and additive skills can make an applicant more desirable.


Transferable skills are the skills learned in previous employment, that can be carried forward to any new job. For example, problem-solving skills, sales, and project management. When putting in an application for a job, one must link one’s current skills and leverage them to suit the needs of the employer. As a job seeker, one must study the job requirements, examine one’s skill set and leverage them accordingly. Only those able to cleverly demonstrate their potential to contribute to the organization, get the job.


Additive skills are those skills a job seeker may possess that are not needed for the job but could allow someone to execute the job well. Therefore, they “add” to your ability to do a great job. Whether one is fluent in a second language or has great computer skills, taking advantage of these additive skills helps job seekers land the job.


Highlight your abilities, transferable and additive skills in an exciting CV before submitting your application to the potential employer. Before the interview, it is important to review the content of your application to ensure you do not miss out on key points that could help you stand out as the perfect candidate. Confidence and sincerity are key, so do not overcompensate for your perceived inadequacies, instead focus on the positive. Carefully bring to light your skills and demonstrate with appropriate examples how these skills could crossover to your new role if you land the job.  Do not underestimate your capabilities, but instead champion the skills you’ve gained.


Remember, every accomplishment begins with the decision to try.




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