GEMS School partners with LEGO Education to launch Innovation Studio



The GEMS Cambridge International School has launched the LEGO Education Innovation Studio, an alternative approach to interactive learning. Designed to provide a focus point for innovation and creativity as well as 21st century skills such as critical thinking and collaboration, the Innovation Studio is a total solution comprising equipment, training, teaching resources and technical services.

Equipped with a range of LEGO Education resources, Studios allow teachers to deliver projects and subject-specific lessons centred on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Further, the Innovation Studio offers a hands-on learning approach that actively involves students in their own learning process to provide an education for students that will last a lifetime.

Speaking as he officiated at the launch GEMS Cambridge International School CEO/Principal, Mr. David McLaughlin noted the decision to partner with LEGO Education was arrived at based on wanting to have students at the core of the global innovation and transformation dialogue.

“Indeed we can no longer ignore the critical thinker and focus solely on academic excellence and as technology defines the future of the world’s economy, it is imperative that as a school, we prepare our students to be at the heart of this impending change revolution.

He further noted that the decision to set up the innovation studio is a deliberate and proactive move to create a pool of future qualified human resource that will not only implement but more importantly champion innovative change.

McLaughlin’s sentiments were echoed by the Head of Secondary School GEMS Cambridge International School Mr. Phil Treacher who reaffirmed GEMS Education commitment to providing quality education in Kenya.

“The investment in the LEGO Innovation Studio is a true commitment to this goal, we anticipate that our students will be more passionate about learning and more importantly, their social skills, creative thinking and problem solving will be tapped into’’.

He further noted that the Innovation Studio would be used to teach students from entry level to A- level as it has modules tailored for various age groups.

Acquired at a cost of Ksh. 10 million, the LEGO Innovation Studio was developed by LEGO Group in 1980 off the understanding that ‘good quality play’ enriches a child’s life, and from it the development of play resources for use in schools. 35 years later, the success of the LEGO education program is unrivalled globally and GEMS Cambridge International School becomes the first institution to introduce it to Kenya.



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