‘Friends’ actor addresses sexual harassment with new short film


‘Friends’ actor David Schwimmer, popularly known as ‘Ross’, has embarked on a mission to bring to end the increasing problem of sexual harassment

The actor who has been in the theatre business for over two decades, has teamed up with Sigal Avin, a filmmaker to showcase what sexual harassment entails together with the consequences of it to the parties involved.

The short films depict requests for sexual favors, undesirable sexual advances, and other verbal and physical harassment of sexual nature either at social gatherings or the workplace.In an interview on CNN, Mr. Schwimmer cited men as not being assertive enough to condemn the elephant in the room, a sentiment which was and is still shared by many victims of the act, especially well-known actresses in the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

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For a fact, Schwimmer has been in the cadence of campaigning against this sexual assault through such media but it was the Weinstein sexual assault scandal that hiked his campaign, making such information more important than ever.Sexual assault and harassment could occur at the workplace, home or any social arena and sadly majority of the targets are women. The impact of assault to the victim could be physical or mental. Many argue that it’s not just the harassers or victims responsibility to prevent sexual provocation but also the public at large.



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