The friday night antics on campus


Friday evening, 7.00pm.

Lazily lying on his metal bed, arms widely spread. Deep in thoughts, you may think. From a distance, you can spot a couple of dirty porcelain plates on the table, a towel on the floor and a few morsels of leftovers scattered on the floor beside the bed. The tiny room remains mostly quiet except for the blaring music from outside which seems to beckon him to join the Furahi-day celebrations with his boys. They call it Annex, a typical liquor store where these young campus lads and lasses huddle, after evening classes, for a drink or casual smoke. It’s a popular joint, the perfect spot after class on a Friday night.

“She should be here by now,’’ he says, seemingly irritated. His cell phone rings. Oh! Wait! It’s a WhatsApp text message. Gradually and reluctantly, he reaches for the phone to read the text.

“That better be her,’’ he mumbles as he gets up. “Hi Friday lazima atokee,” he adds as his thumb quickly swipes through the chat. Then he comes across it and it reads: “Sorry, can’t make it today. It was nice knowing you. Bye!”

“Ok, hakuna ngori,” he replies, seemingly unaware of what the lady on the other end meant. Time for plan B, perhaps? No, not for too long. From nowhere, Kev storms in abruptly with two chics. He’s drunk already! On one hand, he loosely holds an almost empty whiskey bottle with a pack of cigarettes on the other hand. One might mistake these ladies as some of Nairobi escorts, dressed in what can be described as handkerchiefs, these ladies of the night have just clocked in, and no one is complaining.

“Jemo leo …hau…hau-tokei?” Kev stammers as the two girls slowly but cautiously place him on his bed. These chics appear to know precisely what to do with a drunken dude, which is weird since they seem new to the job. Right now the whole room reeks of alcohol. And it’s no wonder, the windows are shut!

Just as the night appears to cool down, Bella, a Christian Union (CU) Chairlady walks into the room. Apparently, on Monday, Jemo and Kev-after being gutted by some difficult maths midsemester exam- had promised Bella that they would attend one of Christian Union’s Friday praise and worship sessions.

Now, Bella demands an audience with the two!



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