Freshers: 5 ways to get the best out of college



The   Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service has just selected about 72000 students who are set to join public universities and colleges. While some are satisfied with the courses they have been admitted for, most are disappointed because they did not get the course of their choice or the university they wished to attend.

However, all is not lost. It is what you will do with the four years that matters. The Chinese say it is like a file that keeps wearing out every time it’s opened. How do you get the most of your life in campus?

1. Professional papers

In most courses, the first two years of life in campus is characterized by a lot of free time. The units are few and most of them go unnoticed until exam time. This prompts many students to indulge in drugs, sex and endless partying. Most students fail to seize the opportunity to undertake professional papers. These include CPA, ACCA, CT (actuarial) and CISCO among others. These papers not only give you mileage over the rest in terms of the job market but also academically. The papers are deeply covered and most syllabuses in college are tailored to the course outline of these papers. This means you end up getting more insight into the course. Secondly, you will be busy enough not to indulge in activities you will live to regret in the future.

2. Read

They say knowledge is power. Dedicate a huge chunk of your time to studying beyond the course structure. Knowledge gives you the confidence and boosts your self- esteem. Strive to be at the top of your game by being an authority in your field of study.This does not come overnight. It is achieved only if you spend your time in the library researching even the nitty-gritties. Read journals, magazines, newspaper articles  and research online in your career line to diversify your knowledge and skills. Read motivational and inspirational books of people who have made it because they will give you a strong mentality to work hard towards your career. They will also prepare you psychologically by teaching you that any journey towards a successful career is a mishmash of challenges and triumphs.

3. Join a club/movement

A good club/movement is beneficial for personality development. You should not hide in a cocoon of solitude but get out and interact with like-minded students. You end up striking long-lasting friendships. You will learn how to socialize and the fundamentals of being a team player. There are many clubs to join like AIESEC, SIFE, Rotary etc which will open opportunities for you and help you create a valuable network. You will grow into a sound social being able to mingle and be comfortable in any setup. These qualities will shape your outlook to issues making you a better person altogether. Furthermore, your spiritual life blossoms and you will have peace of mind.

4. Assertiveness and tenacity

One who is assertive is self-assured and bold but not necessarily aggressive. You should be a go-getter. If you feel something is right go for it as long as you don’t flout the rules. People often choose to take shortcuts or break the rules because they want to get something by hook or crook. However, this may end up jeopardizing your mission altogether. Assertiveness will give you the audacity to say no when everyone is joining the bandwagon. Tenacity is never giving up. Keep working for whatever you stand for because winners never quit and quitters never win.

5. Have fun

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Spare some time for friends and have fun. This will help you steam off especially when the pressure is mounting. Afterwards, you will be rejuvenated and fresh. However, beware not to overstep your limits. Do not overdo anything. Moderation is the word.




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