Video: Fresh after Lemonade, Beyonce follows up with ‘Sorry’ visual



Months after Platinum selling record LEMONADE, Beyonce is letting the world know that she is not apologetic, with the world wide release of the visual “Sorry”

Taken from the visual album that premiered on HBO back in April, “Sorry” opens scene with a B&W ganther of what seems to be dancers made up to look very tribal (Very intentional), swaying from side to side graciously in a school bus – then the husky voice of a rather ”bad girl’ Bey, speaks the words ” so what are you going to say at my funeral, now that you have killed me…here lies the body of the love of my life who’s heart I broke, without a gun to my head…”

Throughout the clip, she sits beside dancers and none other than Serena Williams, with her middle fingers up, saying one of the album’s most popular catchphrases: “Boy, bye.”

“Looking at my watch, he’s should have been home, today I regret the night I put that ring on, He always got them f*** excuses, I pray to the Lord you reveal what the truth is..”

“Sorry” has gotten mouths talking since its release. The track features the now infamous “Becky with the good hair” lyric that sent BeyHive members on a search for who the line might’ve been about.

Since the song and much of the album is rumored to be about JayZ’s infidelity, talks have surfaced that Hov might make a response album. It might also be interesting to point out that the two might (according to rumours), might be making a joint project about their marriage

Despite the song’s ferocious lyrics, things seem to be just fine with Hov and Bey. The couple and their daughter have recently shared photos of themselves enjoying their vacation in Hawaii.

This is the first Video and song release from the album on Youtube, since the project was exclusively released to Tidal. The video was uploaded yesterday, 22 June, and has already hit 3.6M views.

Review by Kevin Gitau



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