French Montana gushes as France plays his track after World Cup win

French Montana watched the FIFA World Cup 2018 finals live in Paris. With a full stadium packed with fans, the Moroccan star could not help but reflect on the power of football in uniting people.

The “Unforgettable” rapper went to share his insights on the game, celebrating the fact that his song  “Welcome To The Party” was played as France won the cup final. From humble beginnings in Morocco, Montana first left the African continent on a football trip. His love of the game continued on as a young man until he fell in love with basketball. Now a famed rapper, Montana is keen on spreading love and positivity with his music.

After the game ended, Montana gifted a young girl a gold necklace. Sharing the image on Instagram, he captioned the moment, ” SOMETIMES GOD BLESS YOU TO BLESS OTHERS, THE MOMENT YOU STOP DOING THAT He’ll take everything back from you.” Known for his generosity, Montana also recently raised funds to refurbish a new healthcare clinic in Uganda.

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