Four reasons why you should date a college fresher


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In campus, dating is a necessity- a basic need. Some argue that it’s better to remain single and have all the fun while it lasts. The truth is, the single card works better for ladies than for men. For a single man, there are times when luck totally runs out and you fail to find a lady to have fun with. You end up chasing ghosts and heels and it affects your entire morale. A lady has greater power of seduction than a man. When a lady wants to have fun, she will get it. Men rarely resist the advances of ladies.

Thus dating is very important for campus guys. It allows one to focus and stay on the grind. It allows guys to put in effort in academics and planning with the assurance that you have someone by your side that you can always turn to whenever you need some loving. Being a player takes a lot of effort and shifts your concentration to matters that are not so worthwhile.

There are many girls in campus but the best ones to date are freshers. Forget the traditional, ‘ponyoka na fresher’ trend that was for lust purposes only.  Here I mean serious dating. Let me break down the benefits of dating a fresher chic

The ‘come to papa’ theory

Ladies love father figures. That’s why most have a good relationship with their fathers and maybe that’s why they always have good understanding with their fathers. If you are a third or fourth year guy, chances are that you would look like Rick Ross or Al Mazrui if you didn’t shave. A first year chic will see you as an experienced guy who will treat her well. She will respect you and not see you as a peer. Chances are there won’t be many misunderstandings. You will be like a father figure to her: A father figure with unlimited roles.



Nothing stresses men more than the ‘I say- you say’ nature of modern generation ladies. There are always too many objections and a lack of compromise.  A first-year chic will easily compromise because she values you. Furthermore, she will always prefer your judgment rather than hers on major decisions by concluding that you are wiser.  The moments you are bored or you simply miss her, she will show up at your request. Her bag of excuses is always less full or empty. A fourth year chic knows how and when to lie. She can easily give you a million excuses from experience.


Hunger for fun

We all remember when we first joined campus. We were so eager to have fun. We had watched all the crazy college movies and heard all the hot stories hence we joined knowing that campus is the wild wild west. As a senior, you definitely know how to have the ‘wazee’ kind of fun not the ‘drinking like a fish’ kind of fun. You now know the ‘classy’ hangouts and when you take her there, she’ll really appreciate and enjoy the moment.

On the contrary a senior year chic can start a nasty argument after you thought you just gave her the treat of a lifetime. This is simply because she has seen enough fun and is not hungary for it anymore or she has seen better than what you are offering her. She might have been at Serena a few times with an older working class guy.


The ‘teach me, teacher!’ theory

Due to her inexperience in campus matters, a first year chic will always look up to you to teach her a thing or two. All teachers can tell you that there’s nothing sweeter than teaching a student who is willing to learn. One of the greatest rules of seduction tells us that we should always woo people who have a void that we can fill, a space that we can insinuate ourselves, a need. A perfectly satisfied person cannot be easily seduced. By dating a fresher, you get the chance to teach. It’s a fact that no one ever forgets their best teachers in life. Leave her a lasting legacy, be a story that she will tell her grandchildren in future. When you give her the ‘D’, make it feel like an A.



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