Laws Every Adult Should Master


Charles Dickens said that ‘the law is an arse’, and I agree with him. We are all required to follow the law whether or not we agree with it. When the law catches up with you, escaping its fangs can be tedious and “ignorance is no defence”.In view of this, advocate Eric Keli touches on key aspects of the law that anyone above 18 years should be aware of.

Traffic Rules

According to a survey, Kenyans are mostly arrested on weekends for being drunk and disorderly, although most are released on the same day. Most minor traffic offences, such as registration attracts a fine not exceeding ten thousand shillings or an imprisonment term not exceeding three months. The Amended Traffic Act outlines that a hit and run could get you locked up for life while speeding could see that you are fined up to 25,000 SHs. Driving under the influence will require you to pay a fine not exceeding 100,000KSHs or imprisonment of a term not exceeding two years, or both.

Sexual Offences

The law mostly revolves around those who are below 18 years old but outlines various sexual offences. Administering a substance with intent to overpower a person to engage in sexual activity with them calls for an imprisonment for a term not less than ten years. The penalty for deliberate transmission of HIV or life-threatening STSDs whether or not you are married to the other person is an imprisonment term of 15 years-life. Sexual harassment charges are liable to imprisonment not less than three years or a fine of not less than 100,000, or both. Rape offenders face a 10 year- life imprisonment term. At the same time, making false allegations is liable to a punishment equal to that offence complained of.

Illegal drugs

 Young men in their early 20s are mostly the ones affected by the drug epidemic. 58% of drug related cases are for possession or being in a place of narcotic drugs.Marijuana is widespread but heroin is increasing in popularity.Possession of marijuana for your own consumption could end you up in prison for ten years while other narcotic drugs other than marijuana call for a 20-year imprisonment term. Trafficking charges(importation, exportation, manufacture, buying, selling or storing), entail a fine of one million shillings or three times the value of the drug, and imprisonment for life.Cultivation of certain prohibited plants(opium, coca, cannabis), or owning a premise where the drug is cultivated or produced is punishable with a fine of 250,000KSHs or three times the market value of the drug, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 20 years or both.

Offensive SMS

Some people find it is easier to offend behind the screen and they have come to pay a hefty price. Sending threats, vulgar texts, insults or anything considered offensive via text message can land you a three-month prison term, a fine of up to 50, 000KSHs or both.So before writing down a message, edit twice.



This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Carolyne Mutisya.




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