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Former SONU leader clears Sh768,000 hospital bill for student’s mother


Babu owino

Babu Owino, the influential and powerful former student leader of the University of Nairobi, is following in the footsteps of Nairobi Senator Sonko’s philanthropy politics. The Kenya Today, reports Owino has paid medical bill of a student’s mother amounting to Sh768,000 at a Thika hospital. We can’t verify independently if Owino cleared the bill or it is a well orchestrated propaganda.

If it’s true, then Owino is clearly laying a foundation to relaunch his political career after a failed bid to capture the Westlands seat earlier this year. The diminutive, quite but powerful Owino has been an enigma to many since he joined UoN.

The source of his cash and power is questionable, but students still hold him in high regard. At the recent Mr and Miss UoN held at the Carnivore, Owino walked in at the pageant with his entourage causing a minor commotion between his boys and security because the bouncers only allowed Owino and a few of his aides to his VIP table.

It is not clear how the former 24 year old SONU Chair still wields influence in student politics at UoN even after he left the University but different sources say he is well connected with politicians, an accusation he has always denied. But questions of his lavish lifestyle – he drives a Range Rover sport and lives in the upmarket suburb of Kileleshwa – remain.

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