FLOTUS Urges Students To Rise To Their Best Selves In Farewell Speech


Michelle Obama gave her farewell speech in the White House a few days ago. In her well-delivered speech, fired up the youth to rise up chase their dreams.

Here are a few lessons that the Kenyan youth can learn and apply in their lives:


1.Hope Is The Antidote To Life’s Challenges

In her speech she said, “Power of hope is what has carried us in every moment in this White House and in every moment in our lives.” Hope is the antidote to life’s challenges. Hope is the belief that the future is full of promise. As the young never underestimate yourself, instead always be hopeful of your abilities.


2. Don’t Le Your Background DefineWho You Are

We live in an era where you are defined by what you are, where you come from and how wealthy your parents are. The youth fall victim to quick fixes and instant meals. However, there is hope is the struggle of  starting from nothing and working one’s way to the top like Michelle pointed out “…plenty of folks including my husband and I started off with very little.” Anyone could bring themselves out of the worst of situations with hard work, just like Barack and Michelle Obama began as community organizers in Chicago and worked their way to the White House.


3.Your Contribution To National Issues Matters

First Lady Michelle Obama said, “Each of us has a right to be who you are. These rights are however not handed to you. They have to be earned.” Contributing to the development of our nation is central to the success of all. Taking a backseat in national matters only leaves us disgruntled citizens under a government, not of our choosing. As FLOTUS said, ” it is time to engage as a citizen.”




This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Hope Wambui.



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