Five Ways To Start Your Journey To Financial Stability This January


Financial stability is a concept that is elusive for many. For decades now, the university has been known to be the place where people transit from education to their dream careers. The place where students gain independence and stop depending on their parents for all their needs. Even after graduation, many young adults struggle with keeping their finances stable. Here are a few ways to gain stability:

1.Get Yourself A Side Gig
We can all agree here that there’s too much time in campus. What do you involve yourself in after your classes and on the weekends? Start a small business in school, get yourself into this numerous promotion and marketing jobs around. As a recent graduate, you could get an internship, or a part-time job to increase your income streams.

2.Utilise Your Talent
Ask yourself “What do you enjoy doing passionately?”  Can you sing, act, play basketball, dance? Explore that talent and let it pay you. Perform at events, and you will see even the performance fees will add up, increasing your bank balance. One could also join that basketball team and participate in competitions. You could earn enough to sustain you or at least supplement your income. And who knows, that may end up as your career because talent pays.

Attend events, attend concerts. Go places and meet new people. Interact and get their contacts. Connect with them, that’s how opportunities are created.

4.Cut Down On How Much You Drink
Clubbing and drinking is a common way most adults unwind. However, you could be messing your life if you must wake up to a glass of KC each morning and complete each day with another bottle of Tusker. Spending heavily on could easily leave your bank account empty and your body in disrepair. It is useful to limit how much you spend on a night out to avoid overspending.

Finally, if you can’t stick to one girlfriend then you better quit relationships and build your life. The money you spend buying your numerous girlfriends supper, dinner, and making calls could help you do something better. That 100 bob counts!


This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor George Achoka.



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