First Impressions Cost You The Job


My friend Sheila from the University was recently trying to get a job in a media house. So, she went for the interview clad in jeans and a blazer without any makeup. According to her, this was ideal especially in a media house where most people took a laid back approach when it came to the dress code.


Though nervous about her outfit, I wished her the best of luck as she went in for her interview. Why was I anxious, you ask? Well I thought her choice of apparel was not formal, rather it was business casual. Don’t get me wrong, she was not looking like she was going to a party, no, hardly, it’s just that she looked a bit too laid back if you asked. The fact that she was not wearing any makeup for me, was a deal-breaker in my opinion. It is not that she was not looking good but a bit of foundation and some eyeliner would have made a world of difference and how can I forget lip balm?


The long and short of the story is that she did not get the job.


I know you may be asking, why? Well when it comes to going for interviews, it is vital to present your best self. As much as the employer will be looking to pick your brain and not necessarily how you are dressed, there are some employers that hire a person based on their first impressions. I know, it sounds ridiculous that your looks or lack thereof could bag you the job. Well, look at it from the employer’s perspective why not hire beauty and brains and use both traits to bring in money?


I guess when we go in for interviews, we only think about how we feel as opposed to the employer’s views, we base our success rate based on the knowledge we have, as opposed to both the attractive appeal and knowledge displayed. But trust me, both go hand in hand.


So, next time you feel like wearing those ripped jeans and untucked shirt, you might want to take a second look in the mirror and rethink the outfit. Last pointer, add some confidence to that attire!


This article was written by Captial Campus Correspondent Michelle Njeri.



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