First Date Etiquette


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So you went on your first date and it went well, at least that’s what you thought. But why hasn’t he called after that? Is it something you said or did that put her off? She doesn’t seem keen on a follow up date. It’s probably because you botched your first date.  Here are a few tips that are important on a first date.

1. Make eye contact

The need to connect with the other person while on the date is important. Make sure that you make eye contact and create interest. Eye contact communicates interest, confidence and genuineness. They say that the eyes are the window to one’s soul so keep your heart open to whatever possibilities are available to you.

2. Do not monopolize the conversation

It is not a lecture or a sermon so democratize conversation. It is important to go with the flow, conversing with the person seated across from you. However, we are encouraged not to monopolize the date without allowing the other to speak and contribute to the conversation. It is important to lend a listening ear to learn more about the other person. Ask questions about the other person and wait for them to answer without interrupting.

3. Always be polite

Rules of etiquette dictates that a man should open the door, pull the chair as well as give the lady his jacket if it gets cold outside. However, the lady must be a lady. A woman on a date should be polished, well dressed and polite. Don’t bring your friends to a date or pick calls when he is trying to engage you in a conversation. However, don’t just be nice on the first date. Be consistent and consider the other person even if things are not going as you expect.

4. Be genuine

On Tujuane and other dating shows we see how many participants put on masks when in the show. The fake lashes, fake accent and padded bra are not the essence of who you are. For men, it is assumed that a fat wallet and fast cars. But I must warn that before you enter you enter the dating world, one has to have a true understanding of who they are, and what their beliefs are. This is imperative because no matter who you are dating, you should essentially remain the same only allowing your partner to add positively to your life. And when you know who you are, you know who needs to be in your life.

5. Do not discuss exes

Delving into past relationships on a first date may make one come across as though they have unresolved issues. Discussing exes should be a subject for much later in the relationship not on the first day. By giving away too much personal information, you risk over-sharing information with someone you barely know. Enjoy the first date jitters, establishing a connection and getting to know one another. I would also advise against physical contact on a first date as it can be too much all at once.



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