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Fena’s New Track Is Phenomenal


Fena Gitu, Kenya’s musical revolutionary fuses harmonies and clever punch lines making her on the nation’s best entertainers. In her new track dubbed “Sema Ng’we” that loosely translates to “dare me,” Fena spends the day taking on dares in the busy city of Nairobi.


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With a special appearance from P. Unit’s Gabu and Shiela Kwamboka the track is lively. A distinct Afro-beat matched with Fena’s  smooth melodies on the tune calls everyone to their feet. The video sees Fena take on challenges including crushing a children’s party and even stopping Kenya’s impatient drivers to perform a few press-ups on the road and eventually doing a jig a strip club.


This being the second track from Fena this year, there’s no telling where she’ll give fans next.



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