Femi One Eats Pilau Njeri


Young emcee Femi One presented her latest release “Pilau Njeri”, the song  title has a double meaning meant as a dig from one female emcee to another. The rap beef between former friends Njeri Music and Femi One a duo of upcoming rappers has been magnified by the release of the diss track Pilau Njeri. In in the song, Femi One jokes of Njeri’s snapchat filters  and her new label Kaka Empire.

In the track, Femi One starts it off with a flashback of Njeri sharing shoutouts acknowledging Femi as a source of inspiration for her music. The interview is archived in Njeri’s Youtube account clearly defines Njeri’s train of thought. It becomes apparent that Femi One was not an inspiration to Njeri but rather just a fellow rapper on the grind.

Peppered with disses, the bars in the track “Pilau Njeri” cover a multitude of issues. Femi One spares no expense at ensuring she packs a punch, though her lyrical flow is lacking, there are a couple of great lines in the song. Sadly the two rappers are at loggerheads and continue to drag out their disputes into the public through the music. Social Media has already caught on to the beef between the two with many memes making the rounds online.



Is the new song “Pilau Njeri” a hit or miss?



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