The Fashionable Fellas Fail


The era of fashion conscious gents is here and with are some new takes on fashion’s latest trends. Featured on Facebook, the Kenyan urban clothing company JamDown is taking things to new extremes. With the hashtag #NoJamDownNoFashion, the company posted images of men in crop tops displaying their bare stomachs online with their pants sagging down to their knees.



The new trend typically women by women in their teens and 20s is a far cry from being fashionable. On asking a few trend setters in Capital FM offices the consensus is the trend is a major fail with one remarking “I would not let anyone from my lineage leave the door dressed like this.” Here are some of their comments on the new trend:


This trend is ratchet and sad.


Ridiculous and uncouth behavior. Sagging is completely out of fashion, and highly inappropriate. I would not be caught dead in a crop top.


I like the trend, they look good…clearly, the times are changing.


That is not how a gentleman should dress. Why are they wearing crop tops? And when they sag, how would they walk? Am horrified at what is happening with this generation.

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