Industry players react to Otile Brown’s YouTube copyright woes


“Chaguo la Moyo” a collaboration between heart-throb Otile Brown and songstress Sanaipei Tande was unexpectedly deleted from YouTube. The track which has over 1.4M views was pulled down from the site after Janet Kipsang claimed copyright infringement.

The coastal native Otile Brown took to Instagram to share his disappointment and assured fans that the situation is under control. He said, “I work soo hard but people tryna fight me every day. I seem cool and stupid to some people but am a beast brah and you canโ€™t kill me easily coz I got Gods favor in me ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ .. am not even mad am just disappointed how people can be this mean in this game ..”

Fans and industry players alike shared their reaction to the situation. Among the many who had something to say about the shocking news was Otile Brown’s rumored girlfriend Vera Sidika who commented on the post saying “so sad.”

Rapper Nyashinki also commented encouraging the star.

Famed afro-fusion star Dan Aceda commented “Salaaaaaala… Pigia Clemo wa Calif atakusort. Ako na nguvu za Black Panther.”

It is rumored that the name Janet Kipsang might be a cover for someone else who may indeed to harm Brown’s career. However, as investigations continue, the fate of the track still remains unclear. On reaching out to Sanaipei Tande, she declined to comment on the situation.

We will provide more details as the story develops.






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