Fans outraged as Otile Brown & Vera Sidika publicize their good deeds


Lovers Otile Brown and Vera Sidika made their way to Kisumu city after a week-long vacation on the beautiful island of Mauritius. The famous duo jetted back into the country and went on to visit a school for the needy and disabled, on a mission to do good for the underpriviledged comunity.

On their recent trip to the lakeside city, Brown and Sidika made time for ugali and fish by the lake, before spending time with Kisumu’s less fortunate. In their time at Joyland Special School, the two distributed sanitary towels and underwear to the girls.  Otile Brown went on to perform at an all-white party at Club Da Place, where Vera watched from the VIP section.

However, their efforts to do good for Kisumu’s disabled do not seat too well for some on the internet.

Check out what some had to say:


  • lewis_mugendiIs there more in life than fake smiles and fake charitable vibes.?
  • david_obwamaOnly 2boxes!!! 2 millionaires!!! Pelekeni lory bwana, acheni aibu ndogondogo
  • calvin_carl96@otilebrown this is madness I mean total trash why post it on social media after helping those in need?? What if uu had the contract to supply Air to all living things??

What do you think, what the charitable act a stunt or genuine?




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