Fans Boycott Adidas Brand Over Kendall Jenner Advert


Reality star Kendall Jenner is again in the center of controversy after the airing of the new  Adidas Originals campaign. The adverted that featured basketball star James Harden, rappers 21 Savage, Young Thug, and Playboi Carti,  was not well received by the public, with many sharing their sentiments with the brand on what they perceived were “poor choices” for brand ambassadors. Adidas was not spared by fans after the release of the campaign.

The advert which went live online on the 10th of August was a creative overload, with a variety of scenes ranging from shots in the desert, the jungle and scrambled messaging, it seems that the personalities picked is not the only thing that went wrong for the popular German brand’s latest campaign.


Revealing the tag line, “an original is never finished,” many adidas brand loyalists did not bite their tongue and were quick to share their thoughts on the campaign. Let’s just say, after the mega fail with the Pepsi advert, it seems Kendall Jenner can’t catch a break.



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