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Facebook testing tools to help you forget your ex


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When a relationship ends, and one or both partners change their relationship status on Facebook, some users either block their exes while some leave Facebook entirely. After all, not many people want to keep seeing how their former lover has quickly and happily moved on.

Now Facebook has heard the cry of the heartbroken. The social network is piloting new tools to help people continue their online social life minus the awkwardness of blocking someone.

Kelly Winters, Product Manager at Facebook, blogged about the new tools that will help people manage their interaction with former partners.

“When people change their relationship status to indicate they are no longer in a relationship, they will be prompted to try these tools,” posted Winters.

The tool gives you the option of seeing less of your ex partner’s profile picture and posts without unfriending or blocking them.

“Their posts won’t show up in News Feed and their name won’t be suggested when people write a new message or tag friends in photos.”

The tool is first being tested in the US before it is rolled over in other regions after Facebook receives feedback about the option.

The test also includes the ability for a user to limit what an ex can see by editing who can view the posts, past and present, without notifying the other person.

Facebook says this new tools are a result of people asking what options are available when a relationship ends.

“This work is part of our ongoing effort to develop resources for people who may be going through difficult moments in their lives,” says Winters.

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