Facebook pays 10-year-old boy Sh10M for hacking Instagram

SlashGear/ Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg
SlashGear/ Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Facebook has made good its promise to reward a 10-year-old boy from Finland who found a security vulnerability in Instagram. According to Forbes, the boy (only identified as Jani) was able to delete any comment posted on Instagram.

Under its bug bounty programme, Facebook rewarded Jani with $100,000 for discovering the flaw, although the boy is technically too young to use the photo sharing platform.

Facebook also verified that Jani could delete any user from Instagram through a dummy account. The 10-year-old wonder kid becomes the youngest recipient of the bounty programme which has so far handed out $4.3 million in rewards.

Jani told a Helsinki-based publication that he could eliminate any user “even Justin Bieber.”

According to Facebook, the bug bounty programme paid out $936k to 210 researchers, who submitted a total of 526 valid reports. India, Egypt, and Trinidad and Tobago received the highest number of payouts.



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