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Facebook hook up? Never again!



It’s another quiet Friday evening after an excruciating day of academic frustrations. I’m sitting in front of my laptop, delving into a large bowl of steamy, saucy swirls of fusilli pasta as I chat with friends on Skype. I realize it’s been a while since I last went to party.  I’ve been losing track of time of late. I toy with the idea of calling Brian, one of my best friends. Before I call him, I decide to check my Facebook for messages and notifications. As soon as I log in, a chat box pops up – Maurine Msupa Delicious’

“Hey Philip!”

“I’m good, what’s up?” I reply

“I’m good. I love your articles; you are a very good writer dude. You are truly gifted,” she says

A wild thought comes to mind, ‘here comes another one, just like the other one.’ A few months ago, my friends used to call me the bulldozer. But of late, I have been going to church a lot. As a result, my Alejandro personality is slowly fading. I’m not certain whether it’s a good thing or not but I’m now focused on greater things in life.

A lady is always attracted to a man who proves elusive, so I decide that I’ll reply after an hour or even the next day. I decide to check out her pictures, on clicking the first image, I love what I see. She’s looking all fleshy by the pool side, droplets of water placed seductively all over her female frame, following the contours of her curves, her wet dark hair looking like a trillion fibres of fine dark silk. Her lips are satisfactory red like tangy tomato and her skin appears like a neat splash of creamy parmesan cheese. As I continue checking out her pictures I find myself falling in e-love. She’s too hot. In a haze of heady excitement, I throw away the hard-to-get rule book and reply in a few minutes.

“Thanks, I appreciate. You look beautiful too. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine dear, I know you have been checking out my pictures and I know you want some of what you saw.”

Before I even reply, she sends an image; it’s another hot photo in which she’s wearing a mini skirt. A familiar tingle of arousal begins spreading over my body. Barely seconds later, yet another image of her pops up. Her tongue is all out in a seductive manner. Not like Miley Cyrus, just enough to show a good wild side.

onlinde date

My mouth hangs open in utter shock at the image displayed on my laptop screen.  With a shaking hand caused by a sudden adrenaline rush, I take a deep breath and click to minimize the picture before trying to regain composure,

Feelings of buried lust course through me as I swing in my chair. I continue with my confused stare onto the bright screen. A mixture of disbelief and wanton longing wash through me as I feel my chest heaving slightly. So I go ahead and ask her how I can get it, since she already knows what I want. She replies.

“I’m in Zimmerman, I stay with my sister but she’s not around tonight. You can come over and have fun with me.”

A quick gasp escapes my lips as I ponder the idea for a while. I don’t usually like spending the night elsewhere apart from my crib and the club. I ask her if she can come over instead but she refuses.

“Please come Phil, I can’t leave the house like that. My sister is not around.”

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