Exams: Five types of students



There are a million reasons why I love campus, especially my campus KU. There are too many hilarious scenarios that keep life rolling as an everlasting fun filled roller-coaster.  Just when you thought you were in low spirits, something just comes up and lifts your mood. Exam season is supposed to be engraved in the serious and somber stone but that’s not usually the case. Life is never that serious even in an exam week. It’s currently exam season at KU. Amazing characters always emerge during exam season, we sample just a few students that have peculiar habits during exams.

The busted cheat

A few days ago as we were sitting for a theory paper, an invigilator caught a student caressing ‘Miss Mwakenya’:  a small paper with the whole course work in it. How students manage to fit the whole course work in a small paper must qualify as a wonder of the world. The invigilator took the answer booklet and told him to follow her but the muscular student grabbed it back and ran out of the exam room, leaving behind no evidence.  Efforts by the invigilator to inquire the name of the student were fruitless since nobody could afford to be seen as a snitch.

Hips do lie

Then there’s this lady friend of mine I sat next to. She was over gorgeous and wore a mini-skirt. I was trying really hard not to look at her thighs as they were all out and lovely. At some point she ran her fingers through her thighs then winked at me. I smiled and thought maybe she was implying that it’s time to take things to the next level and what a romantic place for her to propose to me. However, when I texted her later with so much excitement, it turned out that wasn’t what she meant. She had points written all over her thighs in minute microform, tiny handwriting.  She was just implying that I was welcome to zoom in on her thighs in case I forgot some points. Damn!

The hawk

Speaking of zooming in, there are people with supernormal eyes. During a certain exam,a girl sitting four rows behind me whispered my name and as I looked back, she signaled me to lean or tilt my angle a little so that she could see number two. Four rows behind? She must be having a telescope as a retina in her eyes.

Cram it til’ you make it

The crammer is another interesting character.  A friend who used to pass theory but fail calculations due to his cramming power decided that what works best shouldn’t be discarded. So he always crams every mathematics example he comes across then during exam time, he writes down the examples. Having done that, he then figures out the correlation between the examples and the questions and makes the necessary modifications to suit the questions needs. It has worked pretty well for him so far.

Book addicts

The post-modern library is always parked with genuine readers during exam time, despite it’s over 10,000 student capacity.  Genuine readers are categorized into two groups, those who read and those who really read. Those who read, usually do just enough revision then go on to do other daily activities. Those who really read shove everything else aside during exam season. Their girlfriends won’t be called and sleep won’t be tolerated. Exams stay the one and only priority. And that’s campus.




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