Essential Considerations Before Penning Your Resignation


Although nervousness may not hold up many people, some decisions are personal and laying down your tools is, without a doubt, one of them. One thing to recall is that the organization you work for will not pace along with you if they know you plan on deserting it. It is common for employees to develop unrest, considering resignation in favor of a big move. Here are a few tips to consider before penning your resignation letter.

Still Adhering To Work Timelines
Though you are about to call it quits, it is essential that you keep a great rapport with your employer. Showing up late to the office, and giving unreasonable excuses. Always stay faithful to the set-out timelines and codes of conduct specified by the employer.  Show up early to work. Period. When giving excuses that don’t add up, know you are creating a bad reputation for yourself. No one knows you intend to quit. Being rude doesn’t help the situation either.

Keep Up With A Perfect Performance Track Record
It would be a shame is the daily office duties are not attended to and if done, the results are shoddy. One may think that there is no need to keep up with the company’s work ethics and standards, sice they are leaving the organisation. They know that they will no longer be required for such tasks, therefore, optimum performance isn’t on their list. But on the contrary, your reputaion will also be on the line. Always consider your work as a reflection of yourself. Keep your track records clean. Do not burn your bridges with your current employer.

As one beegins to plan their exit, many times there are unexpected narratives of offensive behavior at the workplace. The worker becomes suddenly rude to one’s seniors and even juniors, not respecting them anymore. This only works against the employee. Always seek to be kind no matter your current status.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correpsondent Willie Blair.




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