Eric Omondi’s latest video a major miss, as fans theorize his latest moves in America


Local comedian Eric Omondi seems to have a few things up his sleeve.

The Kenyan funnyman is currently in the Big Apple where he has taken over the streets of New York City with his latest video ‘In “Which Doctor”‘.

According to a recent post on his social media account, Eric is having the time of his life entertaining locals and rubbing shoulders with comedy royalty the likes of Seth Meyers. He shared a post of him visit the Seth Meyers show taping, with a special message from the host himself.

Though the public still remains unsure about what Eric Omondi is doing in the United States, a few fans have some theories on what led him to cross oceans to seek success in the U.S.A :

1. Eric Omondi is looking to make it big in the United States.

pkay aspires wrote “Eric is hardworking.🔥”

2. Eric Omondi is chasing the money.
Alex Mathenge wrote “Hawa slayqueens wanajua vile sisi hutafuta hii pesa kweli? Eric rudi home maze! It’s never that serious!”

3. Eric Omondi is struggling to remain relevant.
Ephrahim Group wrote “Nothing better to export? The struggle for views, subs and trending ranks is real”



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