Eric Omondi Presents Sang’ombe (Salome)


Eric Omondi is anyone he wants to be, with amusing impersonations to boot this funny man is unstopable. In his latest stunt, Eric is not shy about how much he loves his cow. The parody, an ode to a Tanzanian Bongo starPaltinumz song “Salome”, Eric Omondi presented his parody of the song “Sang’ombe” to the public on the last week of October.

In his latest parody video, Eric Omondi continues to entertain with quick, hilarious lyrics and engaging subject matter, making it difficult for one to resist pressing replay and singing along. In the song, Eric dedicates his time to caring for his cow named “Sang’ombe”, which is a play on words based on the newly released Diamond Platinumz song “Salome”.

The parody is full of laughs as Eric Omondi holds nothing back, the song is full of rib-cracking lyrics in the distinct Bongo accent. The two-minute long skit is among the many that the comedy heavy-weight has shared on his platforms.

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Playing Kenyan group Sauti Sol, Tanzanian President Magufuli and even Bongo star Diamond Platinumz, Eric Omondi continues to have the audience guessing who he will impersonate next.

Who should Eric Omondi impersonate next?




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