Entry Denied! Two students sue Kenya School of Law



Two law students have sued Kenya School of Law for refusing to admit them for the 2015/2016 advocates training programme.

Gideon Maina and Susan Njeri complain that KSL has failed to resolve their admission stalemate despite promising to do so.

KSL is said to have denied them admission on grounds that they did not meet the requirements set out in the Kenya School of Law Act.

The two students say they duly passed the relevant examinations of University of London qualified for and awarded Bachelors Laws Degree by the said University in August 2013.

In a letter dated December 18, the school informed the petitioners that their applications were unsuccessful even after appealing against the decision.

The aggrieved students want the high court to intervene saying they stand to suffer prejudice as they are missing out on the training that is currently ongoing at the school.

The petitioners insist they have satisfied the requirements for admission for the 2014/2015 academic year.

According to them, Accreditation Regulations 2009 only apply to Kenyan Institutions that intend to offer legal education at the time the regulations came into force and do not apply to institutions outside Kenya.

“By applying its provisions to qualifications obtained in an institution outside Kenya, KSL has denied us equal protection of the law as guaranteed in the Constitution, ’they argue.

Consequently, they are seeking orders to quash the decision of KSL’s Board to deny them admission to the school and an order compelling it to admit them.



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