Eminem Tears Up Donald Trump’s Presidency With Killer Freestyle


Eminem, also known as Marshall Mathers recently shared his thoughts on Donald Trump.

The cypher that has held in Philadelphia on the 10th of October, was Eminem’s first public remarks on Trump and his leadership. In the video featured on the BET Network, Eminem dropped logic highlighting Trump’s political persona. Touching on major matters, Eminem went bar for bar rapping on Puerto Rica hurricane relief, gun reforms and the NFL protests.


Detroit born and raised rapper went even as far as calling Trump a “bi*tch” speaking out strongly out the 45th president’s immigration policies and disillusioned leadership, “…Trump when it comes to giving a sh*t, you are stingy as I am…” Tearing Trump apart limb by limb, the Grammy-winning rapper had no reservations, rapping about the “kamikaze racist orange Trump” until he was out of breath. Some fans who had seemed disappointed with the content delivered by the lyrical genius.


His concluding statement “any fan of mine who is a supporter of his, am drawing in the sand a line, you are either for or against, and if you can’t decide who you like more in a split, who you should stand beside, I will do it for you with this, Fu#k you! We love our military, and we love our country, but we fu#king hate Trump!”

The last stanza was not well received amongst Eminem’s white fans with many dissing Eminem for his flow. Nonetheless, the rap was historic and adequately addressed everything that is wrong with Trump’s presidency.Β  Eminem’s anti-Trump rap struck a cord with various other artists, with Snoop Dogg hailing the “Rap God” as a “real nigga”.

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