Embu University issues Bring Your Own Spoon memo to students


Spoon BYOSIf you are in a public uni or an alumni of one, you should know that one of the biggest issues that remain unresolved is periodic missing of cutlery every other semester. Irrespective of the administration replacing ‘lost’ spoons and forks, it appears some students find adrenaline rush in ‘keeping’ the spoons.

This is the situation the administration at Embu University College finds itself in. After experimenting with several solutions (which they agree have failed), the Dean of students has ordered all students will have to sign in for a spoon from his office.

“A number of measures put in place in the past to address this problem have not been successful. As a last resort, the University Management in consultation with EUCSA Government found it appropriate to issue each student with a spoon for their own use in the Dining Hall,” said Dr. Mark Otieno, Dean of students.

The dean adds the issuance of the spoons by his office is not compulsory, meaning students can bring or buy their spoons and use them for the meals. The cutlery will be issued from his office between 18-26th February 2016, adds the memo.

The students are supposed to bring their student ID to ‘facilitate’ easier registration and are expected to clear with his office upon finishing their studies. So in other words, no spoon, no cert.



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