EBusary Management System Provides Students Access To Funding


Denis Gachoki started Ebursary after getting frustrated during his Primary and High School years because he was constantly sent home due to school fees. In Kenya, the only education support funds known to them at the time was the CDF bursary disbursing a maximum of 2,000 Kenyan Shillings per term. Unlike the story of many young Kenyans seeking out education, Dennis was lucky to get a well wisher who fully paid his fees seeing him through the rest of school eventually getting admitted to study Geospatial Engineering at the University of Nairobi.

The realization of how time-consuming the process of finding scholarships and bursaries in Kenya. The lack of information online and the logistics cost of printing and mailing led Gachoki to establish Ebursary. On the cutting-edge of bursary management systems, the bursary platform is a web-based system that aggregates secondary school, undergraduate and postgraduate bursaries and scholarships into one site. To see its full production, this innovation was awarded funding through the leap crowd funding challenge.

It allows students to create a profile and filters bursaries or scholarships based on their profile and location. The revolutionary system then sends the applicants email notifications whenever a new bursary/scholarship matching their profile is posted. Organizations can also post bursaries or scholarships and receive applications through the same platform.  They can now filter through thousands of applications based on their specific criteria through certain integrated tools in the platform.  which will enable them to launch across various African countries and improve the platform to link the most deserving students.


To visit the Ebursary website click here.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Mercy Vala.





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