Dresses, Trousers and Boots: Fashion Tips for Women With Larger Calves



Thick calves can be a problem for plus size women or those with a muscular body type especially when it comes to finding footwear to flatter their shape. Knee high and mid-length boots are often too tight around the leg meaning the latest styles are often unavailable for larger ladies. Many women will also steer clear of short dresses and skirts during the summer time and choose to cover up their lower legs with trousers or maxi skirts. Thick calves do not need to be hidden away as a little clever styling can elongate the legs and make them appear slimmer than they are. The following guidelines will help you chose the perfect clothing and footwear to give you the confidence to show off your legs all year round.

Tips and Tricks To Instantly Slim Your Legs

To make your legs appear endless, throw on a pair of high heel shoes to completely transform your entire look. Black or dark colour tights will make your legs appear slimmer under skirts or dresses. Match your clothes and shoes to the tights to give the illusion of longer legs. Always avoid brightly patterned trousers and tights and stick to elegant, classic footwear such as pumps or court shoes rather than strappy sandals adorned with jewels and flowers.


The plus size fashion industry has thankfully come a long way over the last few years and many designers now offer their creations in larger sizes. Boots used to be the most difficult item of footwear to find as only the most basic designs were offered in wide foot and wide leg sizes. Thankfully, plus size woman are now spoiled for choice with thousands of different designs available on the high street and online in every size and width imaginable. Just be sure to take accurate measurements of your feet and calves before ordering boots online as each manufacturer has their own idea of what constitutes a wide fit. Most leather boots can be stretched by a shoemaker to give an extra inch of room, but this only works with good quality leather. If the boots have a front or side fastening, you can purchase elasticated inserts that will provide extra space for wide calves. High heels instantly tone and slim the legs and are an essential item to wear with dresses and skirts. Always opt for a medium to thick heel as kitten or stiletto heels will look out of proportion with thick calves making them appear more obvious. Avoid flat shoes unless you will be wearing them with long trousers or a maxi skirt.

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Leggings, skinny jeans and tight trousers should all be avoided by women with thick calves. Solid colour trousers that flare slightly towards the ankle are your best bet as they will balance out your frame perfectly. Bootcut jeans and flares are also good options as well as straight-leg jeans in a slightly looser style. Capri trousers and ¾ length jeans are not recommended as they will make your legs appear stubby. For inspiration on what styles will suit you best, look at this nice set of outfits for ideas on contemporary fashions to flatter larger calves.

Skirts and Dresses

Finding dresses and skirts that flatter your shape needn’t be a challenge for those with thick calves. Simply avoid tight, short designs such as pencil skirts or bodycon dresses that will bring all the attention to your legs. A-line skirts and floaty dresses that sit just below the knee are perfect options and will look great teamed with a pair of nude heels to lengthen the legs. Try to avoid short hemlines or those that end just above your ankles. Maxi dresses are a great to wear with flat shoes or sandals.

The easiest way to draw attention away from one area of your body is to emphasise the other parts that you want to show off. If you are proud of your bust, arms or waist, make this the focus of your outfit. Wear a brightly-coloured top over dark trousers or a skirt to bring all the attention to the upper part of your body. A hint of cleavage teamed with a statement necklace will ensure that all eyes remain on your top half. Brightly coloured footwear, embellished hemlines and ankle bracelets are not recommended as they will highlight the area of your body you are trying to play down.

Nicole Humphries is a full-figured fashionista who has always had a knack for fashion. When not consulting for friends and scouring shops for great new looks, she enjoys blogging about the tips and tricks for creating a stylish wardrobe for today’s woman.

By Nicole Humphries  and Megan Barnes




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