Dream Internships With Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obama & Tuskys


Immediate Former American President Barack Obama is looking for interns. After leaving office earlier in January,  he has been seen enjoying his time off kite surfing in the Virgin Islands and chilling on the beach. The 44th president and his wife Michelle are in the market for a few interns as they get ready to get back to work. According to Trace TV Office of Barack and Michelle Obama recently sent out emails to former White House interns to announce the exciting news that they will be hosting their very own 16-week internships at their DC office, which will run from February 27 to June 16. Unfortunately, the application deadline closed on February 8th, and the chose few are to begin work at the Obama Foundation on the 27th of February.


Kenyan Supermarket chain Tuskys is also looking for hardworking youth to join their organization. Announcing the vacancies on social media, it seems that the opportunities available are in their Kisumu, Kakamega and Kisii branches. The application period closes on 22nd of February with interviews slated for 27th of February 2017.



It seems that the Obamas and Tuskys are not the only ones in need of interns. According to Capital Lifestyle, Buckingham Palace and Prince Charles are currently seeking digital communications officers in a bid to boost their online presence. The British royals are keen to ensure that they stay at the forefront of the digital sphere and are, therefore, seeking professionals who could help to improve their social media activity. The job is said to have a salary of 30,000 pounds.


It seems that anyone in search of a job, the opportunities are endless.



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