Drake’s Two Birds One Stone Puts Mental Illness In The Spotlight

Mental illness could affect one’s moods, appetite and even behavior. With depression, anxiety and eating disorders prevalent in our society, life for those living with these diseases has become increasingly difficult. The stigma of the disease is worsened by the lack of knowledge shared in public realms making the subject totally taboo, leaving those affected feeling isolated. It is not unheard of that those who have suffered from mental illness suffer ridicule and even bullying. No matter your background, social class or ethnicity many find it difficult dealing with the stigma.

Kid Cudi, a British Nigerian Hip Hop artist became the subject matter of Drake’s new song Two Birds One Stone. In true Drake-fashion, the lyrical flow on this jam is great however the content is quiet disturbing. Speaking on focusing on himself Drake starts off the track by reminiscing on the past. However, in a diss to Kid Cudi he alludes to Cudi’s recent entry into rehab for mental health issues. The promotion for the new release among 3 other singles was shared via Drake’s OVO twitter.

Though the duo have had tension in the past dedicating lines in various diss tracks, a line must be drawn went it comes to attacking someone for their state of their mind.

In the track Two Birds and One Stone, Drake refers to Cudi saying ” You were the man on the moon , now you going through phases, live for the angry and famous.”  Drake also continues to highlight Cudi’s drug use after it come to light that Kid Cudi had suicidal thoughts and suffered from depression. Award winning artist Drake, goes on to brag about his amazing skill saying ” Two birds, one stone my aim is amazing.”

The rap put out in bad taste is insensitive and illustrates how clueless society is about mental health. It is important to care and observe sensitivity to those living with mental illness and maintaining respect people for those affected. The discussion caught on online, with Twitter and YouTube reviews adding their two cents on the matter. The lyrics to Drake’s Two Birds One Stone reveal a diss to Pusha T. Though twitter was outraged by the track, the occurrence reveals that there is still a lot of education needed to remove the stigma off mental illness.

Ivy Mang'eli :Ivy Mang'eli is a graduate of Daystar University. She is passionate about youth affairs and social development