Dos and Don’t s Of Navigating The Corporate World in 2017


So you just got your first job and are super excited to join the corporate world. Here is a simple guide to the corporate world that could make things easier for you while adjusting:

Do Your Job Diligently
When you are starting out, your first three to six months are the most crucial days because you need to impress. People will form opinions about you depending on how well you perform. Don’t give them the satisfaction of having something negative to say about your work. Be on time, be diligent, be curious and keep your eyes on the prize.

Do Not Kiss Ass
Many people say that the way to climb the corporate ladder is to kiss ass. I disagree with those people. I believe that you need to be respectful and maybe even look up to your supervisors but you should never suck up to them. You will earn respect for being your own person, having an opinion and being able to express it in a way that is stern yet respectful.

Do Not Be Too Trusting
Do not take people at face value. Take your time to know who they are and what they stand for. You can be cordial with people but let it not get personal. Colleagues may be out to manipulate you, so proceed with caution.

Do Mind Your Own Business
The office rumor mill can be sweet, but also remember it can come back to bite you. The person discussed will not mind that you only listened, but that you stayed and participated. It is always best to excuse yourself and leave the conversation.

Do Create Boundaries With Workmates
Imagine being a ‘friend’ to your boss, during the weekend you called him to chat about Arsenal losing to Chelsea, the one match you thoroughly enjoyed yet come Monday you have not completed an assignment that is due. He will always have the company’s interests at heart because your work directly reflects on him. This is even more complicated if you are a lady with a male supervisor because being a ‘friend’ opens a window for them to hit on you. The aftermath is always very awkward. Be respectful and cordial but respect the parameters of your working relationship.

Do Build Your Network
Lastly and more importantly, build your network.You can stumble upon a mentor along the way, learn from them and grow yourself.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Sophia Omwamba.



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