Donald Glover Wins Big, As Issa Rae Gets Snubbed At The Emmys


The 69th annual Emmys were held this past weekend on the 1 7th of September to honor the best in American television programming this past year. The nomination list was an interesting mix, with a few surprise nominations including hit show “Veep.” Other nominees for the prestigious awards included “Orange Is The New Black”, “Big Little Lies”, “The Handmaid’s Tale” and of course “Modern Family.”

Some of the more unusual nominations for the night included the popular sit-com “Blackish” and of course “Atlanta.” It is worth noting however that Issa Rae’s popular show “Insecure” was snubbed from the illustrious list of nominations which led many fans to react online.When asked who she will be supporting for the Emmys she said: “I am rooting for everybody black.” The statement hinted at the fact that the award is a far cry from a level playing field for minority representation in the arts. The matter was echoed by her compatriots Dave Chappelle and even Donald Glover throughout the night.

Dave Chappelle an accomplished comedian in his own right commented on the matter of underrepresented minorities while he hosted the show. According to CNN, the comedic legend found comic relief in the matter saying, “I counted 11 of us here on the monitor.”

Nonetheless, it seems that all was not lost as Donald Glover won arguably one of the biggest awards of the night. Actor and director Glover won the award for “Outstanding Directing for A Comedy Series.” The Atlanta native also won the award for “Outstanding Lead Actor In Comedy Series” bringing his total awards from the elegant night to 2 out of the 4 nominations he received. In his acceptance speech he had an interesting list of acknowledgements according to CNN,”I want to thank Trump for making black people number one on the most oppressed list,” Glover joked. “He’s the reason I’m probably up here.”

Below is an interview where Glover shares his journey to the historic win for Outstanding Director.



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