Do not eat HELB money, Kaimenyi tells comrades

Education CS Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi
Education CS Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi has categorically told university students that HELB loan is not for their enjoyment. Responding to a question posed by Kenyatta University Student president, George Thuku, during an event at KU, Prof. Kaimenyi said students should not misuse the fund allocated buy HELB.
“It’s unethical to eat HELB, which is public money. Use it to better your academic life by say, buying a book,” responded the CS.
Thuku sought to ask the Professor about the delays in the disbursement of the loans which a majority of students depend on in campus.
“Last year students failed to enjoy Christmas because they were broke, what are you doing to ensure we get HELB early and feast? Asked Thuku as he got applauded by KU students and jeered by the ‘opposition’.
Prof. Kaimenyi admitted that there have been delays but promised the Board is working to ensure the students get the money. There have been several demos in the last three months because of delays in the disbursement of the loans.
The CS urged graduates to be innovative and come up with business ideas, which the government can support through the Uwezo fund.


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