DJ Joe Mfalme Humbled By Caroline Mutuko’s Endorsement


In a recent upload on her Youtube channel, media personality Caroline Mutuko tackled the matter of professionalism and social media proficiency.


Listing other professionals she admired for their hustle and their clever use of social media, one-time Capital FM presenter Caroline, praised mix master DJ Joe Mfalme. One of Africa’s best Djs, Joe Mfalme is well known for his skills on the decks and has received several awards. Included in the list was Anita Nderu, Eric Latiff, Jalango as well as Maina Kageni. Mutuko urged the youth to use social media wisely to ensure they further their career.


Set to deejay onstage with Jidenna and Starboy Wizkid in July, Mfalme stands tall amongst one of the continent’s biggest names in entertainment. Speaking to Capital Campus, Capital FM’s mixmaster highlighted a few strategies anyone can take up to ensure they strategically brand themselves while getting social with their community on networking apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Here are afew of his tips:



It is always important to start. Better to begin, than never to have attempted at all. Joe shared his humble beginnings where he began by himself, posting on social media and deejaying live at events. He later began working with a team who now manage his social platforms. Social media allows Mfalme to keep in touch with fans and maintain brand visibility.


2.Always Be Aware Of Your Audience

When posting online, be aware of your followers. Always be keen to understand that the content you produce is consumed by your audience. Providing entertaining, informative content is essential. Mfalme recalls his young followers and high-level executives that view his profiles. Keeping a happy medium is pivotal. DJ Joe said, “posting images of women twerking and more ”  would not work well for his image. With teens and corporate executives for followers, sharing the right information can definitely boost one’s image.


3.Be Mindful Of The Brand You Want To Create

When speaking about his Instagram account that has 294,000 followers, DJ Joe acknowledges that it is crucial that he differentiates his private and public life. He said, “private life is private…its personal.” The aviation enthusiast is known to only share images while at work, rarely posting when he is off the clock. Credited for using his social media platforms to differentiate his brand by mega personality Caroline Mutuko, Joe said he was happy ” it’s a big deal… she is not easily impressed.”


Watch the full episode from Caroline Mutuko.



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