Digital comic makes debut on Capital Campus


A comic series about a students in an urban campus will be published on Capital Campus starting on 24th January 2013. ‘HillSide Campus’ is a digital comic depicting the lives of a couple of campus students and the intrigues in the fictitious university. The comic series is a one of a kind production where we have taken the traditional comic published on magazines to the digital platform, allowing our readers to comment on the story and also contribute to make it better. The graphics have been done by the talented Movin Were while Vince Matinde has scripted the intriguing story line. The weekly series will be published every Thursday starting next week…hope you enjoy it.



Three campus dudes, Davy, Simo and Kevin are your normal campus buddies. Well not quite. They are more adventurous and almost moronic in their quest to spice up their lives in campus away from their homes.


In their second year in campus, there is a mystery of a disappearance of a third year girl. Five months later, they stumble on the girl’s secret blog diary. They get embroiled in the case as they follow her personal blog where she has left clues and to what could have led to her disappearance.


On her secret blog, she has described different characters in the campus. From lecturers who had advances on her, her ex boyfriends, the scams going on in the campus, the boy she liked and everyone who had threatened her etc.


But her blog is full of various issues any that would have led her to her death. The three decide to follow up on the clues that she has left to unveil the mystery, but they get more than they bargained for…


Apart from following the girl’s blog, the three students get in trouble with their lecturers for their behavior. Love and relationships are poured into the mix and this makes their life in campus more they could have imagined.




DAVEY – He is more of the level head in the group. A sucker for great looking ladies but never quite gets them. He believes in love, but never gets the true love he desires.


SYMO – The geek and gadget boy. He cracks the missing girl’s computer and finds the secret blog. He is interested in girls but never has luck in getting any… though he is good in school work.


KEVOH – He is the hustler in the team. Where there is money, Kevoh won’t be too far. From legal to not straight forward manner, he will hustle to get the mullah. He is a charmer.


NINA – She is the new hot girl who checks into the campus and attracts Davey, even though she is hard to get. Maybe that’s why Davey sees her as a challenge.


Stella and Shanice

STELLA  – She is Nina’s best friend, a bit paranoid and annoying, especially to other girls. She seems to have a lot of words to speak in the limited life she has.


SHANICE – A secretive girl who disappears in the campus. She is portrayed as a secretive a loner. She appears in the story in flashbacks.




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