The Diary Of A Student On Exchange


It all starts with saying goodbye, packing and getting on a plane for an experience of a lifetime. Nairobi, Kenya had always been a place I call home and going to another country alone and being on a plane all by myself was very scary for me. Egypt, to be specific Suez, would be home for the six weeks of my exchange programme. I was always afraid to come out of my comfort zone but hey, they is always a first time for everything, right? Insane is probably the best word to describe the magical experience I had. I met the craziest people you could imagine. The memories I made, trust me, will be engraved in my heart for eternity.


Egypt! I know the first thought that comes to your mind is the pyramids and the sphinx but there is much more than what meets the eye. Every place I had visited was colourful and vibrant, teeming with life. My experience was on a whole new level from one city to another and the people I got to experience were the best. The exchange program has made me see things differently and be open minded.


This exchange programme changed two aspects of my being:

1. Long-lasting Friendships

From the first person I met when I landed at the airport, to the locals, the AIESECers in Suez and not to forget my flatmates the bond I had with them will forever be cherished. I am less shy and I can now approach a person freely which is a great impact since I can communicate easily helping me in my career and my day to day life.


2. Self-Awareness

Travelling to somewhere where the culture is totally different has helped me appreciate the little things in life. I have been able to widen my perspective and know myself better and how to handle myself in a different environment. I much more confident and independent than when I left Kenya.


Exchange programme is the best experience anyone can get. A new culture, new language and not to forget the chance to interract with locals.

This is my story, go on exchange,tell your story.


This article was written by Ivy Maina, a member of AISEC UON Chapter. To learn more about AISEC visit their website here.



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