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Diary of a troubled professor




Dear Diary, my first lecture was scheduled for 9 am in the morning. I still arrived at the lecture hall about 30 minutes late and found that half of the students had grown impatient and left.  I blame it on the previous night. I had to sit down with my fellow wazees and we had several bottles of beer. I remember at the wazee gathering at a local bar, I was the only one who didn’t have a car. Monday ended well nevertheless.



This time I arrived only ten minutes late for my first lecture. The matatu that I boarded took too long to fill up. Note that I only end my lectures around ten or fifteen minutes early. An old man like me shouldn’t go fulltime. After my second lecture, a student called Christine followed me to my office. She claimed that I had done some errors while marking her CAT paper. I examined the paper well but it didn’t seem to have any problem. All that while she kept smiling at me and crossing her legs in a suggestive manner. I asked her to leave my office. I don’t entertain this kind of behavior.



In the morning, there was a meeting of top officials at the university. I was the only mzee in the teaching staff. Twenty years down the line, and a ‘promotion’ is a word I have never used in reference to my career. It hurts. It seems I will retire at the bottom of the academic social ladder. I have even applied for some posts in private universities but they have never gotten back to me. Maybe a relative cast a bad spell on me.



The morning started off really bad. The class couldn’t settle and there was noise all over. My efforts to make the students shut up were fruitless. Some students kept walking in and others out. I had to abandon the class early and to be honest, that’s always a relief for me. On my way to my office I overheard some students discussing how I always dress so poorly. They said I always wear the same coat all week and that my trouser never matches my coat. That was quite a blow. I always believe I’m one of the best dressed lecturers. I have to upgrade my wardrobe.



I had a bad fight with my wife on Thursday night. She has grown too fat and too stubborn. The incident made me start thinking of Christine, the student who came to my office the other day. I missed two lectures due to drama effect. I then went to supervise a CAT in which I caught two students cheating.  One of them told me his father was a governor and even threatened me. I had to let him go. In the afternoon, while I was thinking of Christine I got a call from the Vice Chancellor. The VC claimed s student by the name of Christine had filed a sexual offense charge against me.

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