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Dear Potential Employer,

“Why you treat me like an animal?”

So a few weeks ago I went in for an interview and thanks to Nairobi Governor Evan Kidero and his drums, I was crazy late, two hours late.

Let me justify that. I was coming from Langata Road to Westlands and 20 minutes of those two hours was used to try and locate the office block. Note to job seekers: give one-hour leeway to allow for locating the office. You live and you learn.

Anyway, while doing my impromptu sight-seeing of Westlands, I got to discover where Dominos is located. I love their pizza; I tasted it ‘while I was away’. I don’t know why people are bothered by folk who reminisce about their time abroad. It is as if we should keep that part of our lives under lock and key like it is a crime or something.

So I get to the reception fingers crossed, prayers prayed and hope for the best.

A year or so ago I would not have bothered to go in for the interview considering how late I was. I would have been too ashamed. But a certain tall dark and handsome ‘ex-friend’ of mine taught me different. He had no shame asking for an audience regardless of his indiscretions and often enough people including myself would give in and give him an audience.  Up until I got my head screwed on straight and did away with his bull crap.

Shamelessness is a life skill. I mean look at our leaders, taking beautiful girls to and from Mombasa in police planes while security personnel catch a track to far away towns where they are needed pronto.

intern experienceBack to impending interview. Obviously my appointment has elapsed so I explain myself and they are gracious enough to reschedule.

Interview take two happens and goes well, however, she asks me to send in a few more documents via her email so she hands me her card. I leave the office feeling accomplished.

I email her documents sometime later. No reply.  Five days later. No reply. Hmmm I start panicking. The interview went well, IMHO. I cannot imagine what has gone so wrong that now I am not even worth replying to with a final decision regardless if it’s negative.

This is how being lead on feels like?

I feel like a guy who meets a girl and thinks the night is going in his favor only to get the door slammed into his face.

She should have spared me the eerie realization of rejection with a polite “f**K off we do not need your skill set” via an email or SMS or call. Instead she gave me radio silence.

I wonder if she knows what a mind screw this all is. I keep thinking maybe she is caught up with other work stuff, maybe she was hit by a bus and will get back to me when she is feeling better, maybe this, maybe that.

Bottom line, I did not get a confirmation I should, therefore, move on.

By Bench Reserve



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