Diamond Platnumz & Omarion do a good deed for Cancer patients


Diamond Platnumz recently launched his latest album “A Boy From Tandale.”

With a mega launch in Nairobi last week, Platnumz rocked the stage presenting his latest release “African Beauty” a collaboration with American star Omarion. After a great reception from his legion of fans, Platnumz and Omarion went on to spread some good cheer to fans who were not lucky enough to see the dynamic duo in action. Platnumz and Omarion provided goodwill, with a message of positivity as well as a donation to the patients at the center. Omarion went on to share his experience with the deadly disease, having a grandmother who is a breast cancer survivor. Platnumz commended the team for their work and encouraged them to keep working diligently as they serve the sick.

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In a visit to the Texas Cancer Center, the duo had the opportunity to engage with the staff and cancer patients at the facility. The Texas Cancer Center is known for its specialized care to the sick at subsidized costs. After taking a tour of the facilities, the duo officially opened the construction of the pediatric ward of the Texas Cancer Center.The new pediatric wing of the Texas Cancer Center will cater to young patients not only in Kenya but in the region. Speaking with Capital Campus, the Texas Cancer Center Director Dr. Catherine Nyongesa said, the facility will provide inpatient and outpatient services to many. According to Tanzania Cancer Care “in developed countries, about 88% of children with cancer are cured, while only 20% of African children are cured.”



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