Denzel Washington Doubles As A Comedian At A Graduation Speech


At a graduation ceremony at the University of Pennsylvania, Academy Award winner Denzel Washington delivered an inspirational speech to the graduate class of 2011. Putting away his acting hat, the 62-year-old had the audience in stitches with his funny quips and interesting tips on his approach to life after college.

Here are some of his more important words of advice to the graduates:

1.Take Risks

Quoting Nelson Mandela, “there is no passion to be found in playing small and settling for a life that is less than what you are capable of living,” Washington urged the graduates to take risks. Taking a plunge into the unknown ensures that you never have any doubts, never any “what ifs.”

2.Accept Your Failures

Failure is part of growth. According to the Golden Globe winner, it is failure and overcoming it that propels anyone’s career forward. He said, “you will fail, you will embarrass yourself…” however, it is how you bounce back that distinguished the great from the mediocre.

3.Put Your Best Foot Forward

Always apply yourself fully to whatever task you are working on. Never take on a project with a heavy heart, attack everything wholeheartedly. Use your gifts wisely to help those around you. Denzel chronicled his life in college and shared how he failed a semester which later lead him to discover his passion for theatre. Washington urged studets to go forth with reckless abandon.





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