Demi Lovato faces complications in hospital, as Sean Paul weighs in on her overdose


Demi Lovato is reportedly experiencing “complications” stemming from her suspected overdose.

The 25-year-old singer was admitted to hospital last week after taking a mystery substance and being found unconscious in her home, and it has now been reported that she is still at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles because of “complications” related to her recovery.

According to TMZ, a source with “firsthand knowledge” told them the ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ singer is suffering extreme nausea and a high fever, which is believed to be related to her apparent overdose. Whilst doctors have not yet decided when Demi will be released from hospital, it has been claimed she is in good hands and will “make a full recovery”.

Demi’s reported complications come after it was recently claimed by a separate source that she was “getting better”, with the help of her family and former boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. They said: “Demi is resting and getting better, while her whole family and Wilmer Valderrama are there to support her through her recovery.” Demi had been sober for six years at the start of this year but revealed last month through a song entitled ‘Sober’ that she had broken that sobriety.

Meanwhile, Sean Paul thinks the music industry is to blame for Demi Lovato’s suspected overdose.

The 45-year-old dancehall rapper has worked with the ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ hitmaker on numerous tracks over the years and believes her recent hospitalization, which was caused by her reportedly taking a mystery substance, is a result of the pressure and stress she’s continuously put under because she’s a high-in-demand pop star.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, he said: “The music industry in itself is very excessive. We are always working in studios, performing, traveling and sometimes you feel you need a break and the break is to go towards things that don’t give you a break.

“I just want to send love to Demi. She’s a beautiful girl and a great, great artist. There’s no shame. It’s just that some are able to realize the spiral they’re getting into before it’s too late. The help isn’t always offered when it’s needed.”

Following her apparent overdose, her family is said to be keen to get her to go to rehab as soon as she is discharged from hospital. A source said: “Demi’s family is pushing for rehab. They have looked into several options. After an overdose, it’s encouraged to head straight to rehab. If the person is allowed to return home first, it’s harder to commit to rehab.”



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