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Degree requirement for senate and parliamentary candidates dropped


Members of parliament conspired to amend the Elections Act that required candidates running for elective posts to be holders of a degree from a recognizable institution. The MP’s limited the requirement only for presidential, running mates and county governor candidates.


The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), which was working with the earlier law governing elections, has now changed it’s regulations of scrutinizing candidates to comply with the amended Elections Act.


The IEBC chairman, in a notice to the public, stated the commission had taken into the consideration the recent changes to the law and issued new guidelines to candidates.


Candidates vying for senate and constituency seats will only be required to have been Kenyan citizens for 10 years, owe allegiance to Kenya only be registered voters and be nominated by a political party if they are not independent candidates.


Presidential and governorship candidates will be required to authenticate their certificates if the degrees were awarded outside the country.

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