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Daystar’s culture week celebrates ‘One Kenya’ (Photos)


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Daystar University celebrated Kenya’s cultural diversity during the annual culture week at the Athi River Campus held on 8th to12th April. Dubbed ‘Our Roots, Our Pride’, the event was Daystar’s effort to foster cohesion between students especially coming in the wake of a divisive general election.

According to the Daystar University Students Association (DUSA) Secretary General, Mr. Job Lukale, the theme was relevant since the country had just concluded elections and seemed divided from ethnicity backgrounds.

“It was a wakeup call for students to appreciate their ethnicity and be proud of their tribes,” he said.

Students dressed in different attire throughout the week depending on the theme of the day. Participants, in partnership with the Samsung Ziki Star search, show cased their talents in the arts and music category.

The week culminated on Friday night with display of traditional food and gala at the amphitheater. The celebrations started earlier as students auditioned for Samsung Talent Search at Theatre 1 with Judges Stella Kariuki, Music Producer, Chris Adwar and King of Benga, Dan Chizi Aceda present.

The students were in a celebratory mood throughout the night, with give a ways from Samsung which sponsored the event and especially when a top performing artiste Wyre surprised the students with a performance. Aside from Wyre, Maryann Naipasoi, a Maasai female artiste also performed traditional Maasai songs with her team. There were several performances from the different cultural communities whom were competing for the top position.

The top three in culture week were Coastal Community in cooking category, Rwandese in the dancing category and Congolese as the Best overall. The communities were awarded on 19th April at the Glamour and Excellence Awards (GLEA) at the KICC Grounds.

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