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Daystar University Scholarships


Daystar University offers a variety of scholarships which enable the university to cater for a wide range of applicants. The eligibility and application process varies depending on the kind of scholarships. Some of the scholarships are need based while others are based on academic merit. There are full and partial scholarships administered every academic year with over 200 students benefiting each year.

They include:
•    Daystar Work Study Program – It is designed to help students who are financially challenged in meeting their school fees. Successful applicants are allocated duty within the university and the amount of the work-study aid is based on the actual hours worked.
•    Academic Merit Scholarship – offered to students who have a mean score of A or A- and have been admitted to Daystar.
•    Daystar Family and Daystar Sunday Partial Scholarship – available once every semester and are aimed at helping to bridge gaps during registration or before exams.
•    Book Award – available annually to 6 students who have the highest GPA in their respective year of study.
•    Selected Scholarship – Covers 75% of the tuition costs and the beneficiaries are re-evaluated annually.
•    Hardship Scholarship – offered to students who cannot afford to sustain themselves in Daystar even with the 75% scholarship, so are given a full scholarship.
•    Daystar Hero Scholarship – offered when a student experiences an emergency or a crisis.
•    Recommended Scholarship – These are initiated by the donor who then gives full or partial support
•    International Scholarship – available to international students who have been admitted to join Daystar.
•    Sports Scholarships – This is a partial scholarship offered to students with outstanding performance both in sports and academics.
•    Specific Scholarships – These are available specifically to women and other special interest groups both in undergraduate and postgraduate study.

The application process begins every November for the next academic year although the Financial Aid Office receives applications for Hardship, Daystar Sunday & Daystar Family scholarships throughout the year.

Two four-year scholarships are available.
To be eligible for the scholarship the applicant must:
1.    be a committed Christian
2.    have scored a mean grade of A or A- in high school
3.    have sat for KCSE exams in 2011

The application must include the following:
1.    A biographical statement
2.    Personal faith statement
3.    Statement of vocational goals
4.    Statement explaining why you are attracted to Daystar University
5.    Recommendation letter from your pastor or youth pastor
6.    Recommendation letter from a recent teacher who can speak of the applicant’s academic abilities and leadership potential
7.    A copy of your high school result slip
8.    Your telephone, email and postal address

Applications should be addressed to the Financial Aid Committee, Daystar University, P.O Box 4400 – 00100, GPO. NRB and submitted in hardcopy to the Financial Aid Office. The deadline for submitting applications is 30th April 2012

To receive the scholarship the applicants must also apply, be admitted, and register as a full time student at Daystar University. If you do not hear from us by 30th May 2012, please consider yourself unsuccessful.

For more information on these scholarships email us on [email protected] or visit www. Daystar.co.ke

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