Daystar students take part in World Vision’s crisis simulation


For University students, work experience means a lot in the path towards a successful career. That’s why when a volunteer opportunity came knocking on Daystar students, they gladly jumped at it.

World vision Kenya, an international NGO, recently asked to collaborate with Daystar students in training their communication staff on emergency response. Students got a chance to work alongside community and development officers and in the process picked a few nuggets that will come handy in their future career.

“Mr. Karau, one of the lecturers at Daystar approached me and hooked me up with Michael Arunga from World vision. I was supposed to mobilize students who were willing to participate in the event,” said Sammy Mbuvi, Daystar’s Social Welfare Chair.

“I saw it of great importance to incorporate students whose majors are directly related to the Non Governmental Organizations. These are mainly students taking Community development, Social work, Peace studies and generally   people who like charity work.”

Taraja boys an orphanage in the Lukenya community would be the common ground for the over twenty trainees from different African nations, Daystar students and the community volunteers.

“We decided to host them because they are good friends and we see what they are doing in the community,” said Robert Karanja the Coordinator of Taraja boys home.



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