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Daystar raises funds for charity through art expo


A group of art lovers and enthusiasts from Daystar Uni joined hands for a worthy cause in aid of abused children. The art exhibition brought together students and several organizations to raise funds for ‘Stand for a child’ organization.


“We needed to pull a large crowd and showcase our own work and also give people a chance to love and appreciate art,” said Ken Kiambi, a communications student and a member of Curable Cancer Initiative.


The group decided to raise funds through art because “this is something we are involved in and are passionate about,” said Ken.


The event saw artists display paintings, drawings, ornaments such as bracelets and earrings. Musicians and poets entertained the crowd at an after-party held at Holiday Inn restaurant.


During the after party, a fashion show also displayed various designs done by students. Although the event was successful, the cost of organizing was considerably high.

“We plan to organise another event in the near future where we will combine the profits and donate them to the relevant causes,” said Audrey Cheptoo, one of the organizers. “This is just the beginning of Passion as an event. We hope to provide creative space for more guys.”


“The event was successful as we managed to reach the target set. We also provided a platform that allows exposure of fresh new talent,” added Roy Rukunga of Aurora Agency.


Photos: Margaret Muthee


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